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Weekly Morning Run Club

We're thrilled to announce an opportunity to hit the ground running alongside Norway's very own running legend, Frode Saugestad. Frode isn't your average runner; he's a celebrated champion adorned with national medals and even clinched victory in his class at the Berlin Half Marathon. Beyond his athletic prowess, Frode has penned two books alongside the legendary Ingebrigtsen running family and holds a PhD from University of London and a post-doc from Harvard.

Each Thursday morning at 06:30, you'll get the chance to join a social running group where camaraderie meets expertise, allowing you to soak up invaluable tips and tricks directly. The route will be +/- 5 km, pacing with the groups mood and all wrapped up in about an hour. At our home base, Revier in Kongens gate 5, you may stash your gear while we run, and after every run, you're invited to rewind with a cup of coffee. If you're eager to refuel with more than just caffeine, then our friends at Revier have a some tasty breakfast options available.

Frode Saugestad

Weekly Rooftop Yoga

We're unfurling the mats for a refreshing morning yoga session atop Revier's rooftop, thanks to a cool partnership with our pals at Blush. If you're staying with us, guess what? You get to join in absolutely free! And for our local commuters and neighbors, snagging a spot is easy—just pop over to Blush's website.

Due to a wave of enthusiasm, we're thrilled to announce two sessions every Friday! Kick off at 07:25 with our Rise & Shine Yoga to greet the day with energy and grace, followed by a Pilates session at 08:25 to stretch and strengthen into the day. Ready to secure your spot? Just shoot us a message or hop online to book.

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Pedal-pushers and grape gurus!

Fancy a solo bicycle adventure on a proper bike or maybe you're more of a social butterfly, eager to join a weekly group ride and rub shoulders with the locals? Aleks and Andrew is your go to guys! Their passion for biking and everything related, has led them to open the bikeshop Candy Mountain Cyclery and an Oslo gem; Rouleur café & wine bar.

That means you may wrap up those rides at Rouleur with a well-deserved glass of fresh, pure, and oh-so-drinkable wines and a a couple of those classic biker shots (the espresso). Right now they are giving all you independent travelers an offer for your next adventure. Simply drop them a message and say that you're a friend of Att to get your discount on bike rental and guides.

Candy Mountain Cyclery

The real deal Oslo in a book

Let's shine a light on a modest venture with a mighty impact; Lysløypa. This book, since its debut in 2010, has been your pocket-sized guide to the undiscovered and distinctive corners of Oslo. It's an invitation to locals and travelers alike to delve into the heart of the city, to places often overlooked.

Lysløypa is a collective effort that champions small, unique, and independent eateries and watering holes scattered across our city. Each venue is given a two-page spotlight, and as an added perk, they all offer a welcoming discount to the book's owner, a little nudge to encourage you to step inside.

This book is brimming with hidden gems and enticing discounts, offering you the chance to truly immerse yourself in the essence of Oslo. So why not explore and see what makes our city tick? You might be surprised by what you discover.


Stars above, cosiness within!

Call it Glamping or Boutique Wilderness; either way it's a great idea! Our friend Rolf Arne Leer, the man behind the venture Hvilepust, has put together an experience that leaves a minimal footprint on nature, and a lasting impression on your soul.

Two of the glass igloos are just a short 45-minute journey from Oslo, and you can easily reach them using public transportation, while for the rest of the locations you need your own wheels. Rolf Arne is rolling out the red carpet for all you independent travelers seeking to experience more with an irresistible offer. Use the code ATT24 and bag yourself a cool 25% off on all stays throughout 2024.


This week in Revier Cinema

Imagine yourself sinking into a plush seat in the snug 18-seater theater, the lights gently lowering as the film begins. In one hand, you've got your choice of snack; in the other, a glass of juicy vino.

Each week, you're transported to new worlds and adventures. One moment, you're engrossed in the shadows of a classic noir; the next, you're chuckling at a whimsical comedy or touched by an indie masterpiece.

All movie screenings are published in the Revier Film Club Facebook group. Admission is free (and so is the membership).

Revier Kino

You should go to Babbo

Lennart, Karen, Alex and the rest of the crew at @babbocollective are on a honorable and delicious mission: To make the people of Oslo spend more time out socializing around the dinner table.

The solution? A lip-smacking, price-worthy menu and a super friendly vibe. We find the italian-ish fare at Babbo Øvrefoss the best and most delish deal you can find in town and recommend you book a table asap.


The Times highlights Oslo as most exciting city to visit

Oslo earned a spot among The Times' most exciting cities to visit in 2024, and they also included a hot tip to stay at 'the stylish and sociable Att | Kvadraturen'! How cool is that? To celebrate the mention we invite you to stay a long weekend (we're talking Fri to Mon) before June rolls in, and we'll throw in the last night for free. Additionally, we'll hook you up with our very own indie guide to Oslo with 100 all-time favorite spots in Oslo, making you all set to experience that excitement.

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